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To apply for a parking permit sticker, follow 

these 3 steps:


1)  Click on the link below, download and complete the permit application 


2)  Take a picture of the entire back of your vehicle 


3)  Email both to or fax them to 802-473-3149

4)  Once received, Management will issue a permit sticker and a parking spot

Please note: Parking is for small vehicles only (No large SUV's or trucks).  Parking is to be considered a privilege, not a requirement of the owner.  Parking is not included in your rent.

Management can revoke vehicles or close the lots at any time. 

The lots are plowed if we receive 6 inches of fresh snow or more.  You will be emailed when there is a plan for plowing with instructions on what timeframe to move your vehicle so the plowing can take place.  Any vehicles left in the lot may be towed at the owner's expense.  If it's not towed, you will be responsible for shoveling yourself out. 

If a vehicle is completely blocking the lot from being plowed, Management reserves the right to have the lot snow-blown and the service will be billed to the owner of the vehicle that was in the way.  

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