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Cosigner Verification Questionnaire

I have read and agree to the terms of the sample lease and I understand that the city fee, utilities, parking and laundry are property specific.

Sample Lease

I understand that I will be signing a joint/sevaeral lease agreement.
I understand that each tenant is required to hold a renters insurance policy with the minimum of $300,000 in personal liability coverage for the entire duration of the lease agreement.

Renters Insurance

I accept responsibility for any damages to the apartment, if necessary.
I understand the subletting/terminating process and fees, should the tenant desire the service.
I understand the binder agreement and that the binder may not be refundable. (see link to the right for information regarding this policy)
I understand that I am required to pay my monthly rent payments via (click on the link for details) Tenants are responsible for all 3rd party processing fees.



Binder Agreement

If you are not already the person planning to pay the monthly rent, you understand that you, as cosigner, will be expected to pay the rent should the tenant become unable to for whatever reason. You also understand that this includes reasons due to Covid-19.
Tenants in good standing will be offered the opportunity to renew their lease. Due to housing demands, this is offered in early to mid-August. If there is no renewal, showings will start around Sepember 1st, between the hours of 10a and 7:30p. Do you understand?

Thanks for submitting!

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