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Best in Burlington, Vermont

At JT's Real Estate Management, we are well-versed in the local rental market here in Burlington, Vermont.  We are knowledgeable about the area in general, as well as, landlord-tenant laws, and we have a combined 25+ years experience in the business so you can be sure you're getting top notch service.  

Let us do the hard work of finding quality tenants for you.  We can customize a plan to manage all aspects of leasing and caring for your property while accommodating your specific needs.  Your property is our priority.

Our management fees are between 6 - 8%, depending on how many units need to be managed.


Management services offered:

*  Electronic rent collection/resolving late payments

*  Coordination of lawn maintenance, snow removal and other general maintenance issues and improvements

*  Inspections and code compliance

*  Advertising on multiple platforms, including our website

*  Showings

*  Application processing and tenant screening

*  Full service leasing

*  Check-in and move-out inspections 

*  Security deposit transmittals

*  Annual VT renters rebate certificates

*  Soliciting estimates and repairs

*  Selecting and overseeing contractors

*  Verifying repairs and paying contractors

*  Responding to all tenant complaints

*  Pursuing evictions

*  EMP compliance

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