1.  Click on Learn More below and search for your rental address.  Then, follow the prompts to set up your account.  Once your account set up is initiated and approved by Management, you can go back in and set up your payments.

2. Pay rent online by eCheck or with your debit or credit card.  Securely enter your account information once for recurring payments and your rent will be paid on-time, every-time.

If paying via eCheck, an automatic fee of $2.49 will be added per payment.  If paying using a debit or credit card, a fee between 2.95% and 3.25% of your payment amount will automatically be added per payment.

You can easily switch your payment method whenever it suits you (like when you need airline miles for summer vacation or if you decide to change banks).

3. View your latest credit score and profile with  Keeping tabs on your credit is the best way to make sure it’s accurate and moving in the right direction.  RentTrack can report directly to the credit bureaus each month, which can help you build credit, or maintain your good credit.  This is an optional service they provide, it is not required.