Tenant Registration

Phone #
Apartment Address/Unit#
I have been provided a link to the EPA Pamphlet  "Protect your Family From Lead". 
I have read and understand all 17 pages.
I have read the Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detector addendum, and agree to the terms and conditions. Tenant acknowledges that they have read the addendum and agree to regularly test the smoke & CO detector(s) and report all malfunctions through the Report A Problem link on this website.
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I have read the Lead disclosure, and agree to the terms and conditions. Lessor has no knowledge of lead-based paint and/or lead-based paint hazards in the housing. Lessor has provided the lessee with all available records and reports pertaining to lead-based paint and/or lead-based paint hazards in the housing. Lessee has received copies of all information listed above. Lessee has received the e-pamphlet Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home.
My apartment has onsite laundry. I have read the Laundry Room waiver and agree to the terms and conditions.
To apply for a parking permit, email a picture of the back of your vehicle to jtsmanagementvt.com, download and fill out the parking permit application, sign and email or fax to 802-473-3149. If you are approved, management will issue a permit sticker.
It is recommended, but not required, that all tenants be present to sign the inspection checklist form on check-in day. If you are not present, you waive the right to change or modify any check in forms.  
Do you understand?

Rental payments are due by the 1st of each month. Collection fees apply if late. Rent is paid using www.RentTrack.com.
Processing fees are paid by tenant.  Do you understand?
RentTrack fees:
​Bank Transfers are $2.50 per payment. Credit/Debit Card fee is 3.25%. The fees are automatically added to your payments.
Do you understand?
General maintenance is to be reported on the website under the Report a Problem link. After the repair is complete, you must log back onto the site to confirm the repair. Do you understand?
802-999-4433 or 802-399-2853
$25.00 fee charged for calls to this line that are NOT ER's. Do you understand?
Water and heating Issues are considered urgent. It is your responsibility to report immediately. If it is determined the problem was not reported in a timely manner, damages are billable to the tenant. Do you understand?
In the winter you must maintain 65 degrees inside the unit at all times, even if you go out of town. You are required to notify management if you are leaving for an extended period of time. Any damages caused by frozen pipes are billable to the tenant. Heating the unit is your responsibility. Do you understand?
We plow our lots if we receive 6 inches of fresh snow or more. Vehicles are required to be removed from the lot from 5am to 12noon. Vehicles left in the lot may be towed at the owner of the vehicles expense.  Do you understand?
Parking is not included in your rent and should be considered a privilege. We can revoke vehicles or close our lots at any time. Do you understand?
Vehicles without a parking permit sticker will be towed or booted at the owner of the vehicles expense. Management charges $65.00 for booting vehicles. Do you understand?
If a vehicle is blocking the lot from being plowed, it is our right to have the lot snow-blown and billed to the owner of the vehicle that is blocking the plow.
Do you understand?
Blockage of drains caused by feminine sanitary items are billable to the tenant. Do you understand?
If we receive notice of parties or repeat noise complaints, you can expect the following: Management will contact all cosigners, the university you attend for ethics violation, and/or begin the eviction process. Do you understand?
The only people allowed to stay in the unit are approved tenants. No guests are allowed past 7 days. It is up to management to determine if additional people are living within the unit and handle accordingly.  Do you understand?
You are required to keep all common areas/decks/porches clean and clear. You are responsible to keep recycling bins in order and trash within the container. Bagged household trash only inside the containers.  Do you understand?
No smoking or use of illegal drugs is permitted on the property. We have a zero tolerance policy for this behavior. The local authorities will be contacted to handle illegal activities. Do you understand?
Our company communicates via email and text messages. You can email directly from our website. Email link located at top of each page. Do you understand?
Due to housing demands, we begin showing our units on September 15th for the following year.  We show Monday-Saturday between 10a and 7:30p.  Do you understand?
We are not responsible for any type of damage to your vehicle while you are parked in our lots. This includes damage from falling ice. Do you understand?   
We have hidden video security cameras on the exterior of many of our properties. Tampering with these systems will result in legal action. Do you understand?
Burlington city ordinance restricts the use of grills on decks or porches; our policy also includes common areas. Do you understand?
You are required to maintain a renters insurance policy with $300,000 in minimum personal liability coverage during your entire lease term. The certificate should list the Landlord as Lessor, and provide the property address. You are required to email or fax a copy of your insurance certificate to jtsmanagementvt@gmail.com or 802-473-3149. Do you understand?
Cosigner Email
Cosigner Name
Cosigner Phone #
I have read the Burlington Noise Control Ordinance document. If the police notify management of an offense, it's considered grounds for eviction. 
Do you understand?
Only outdoor furniture is permitted on decks and porches. No storage is allowed in these areas. You are required to keep these areas clean and clear. Do you understand?
You are not allowed on roofs without handrails. This is considered a safety issue. Damages to the roof are billable to the tenant. Do you understand?
Candle burning/incense burning is completely not allowed within the unit. No open flames of any kind are permitted in the unit. 
Do you understand?

Tenants in good standing may be offered the opportunity for a lease extension. This is offered in late August/early September. Do you understand?
You are expected to keep your unit neat and clean for showings. After a second written warning of violation, you will be required to pay for future showings at your apartment at the cost of $50 per day. Do you understand?
With written warnings of violation, if it is determined that your apartment is not rent-able due to its condition, you will be held legally responsible for rental payments until the unit is re-rented. Do you understand?
At the end of your lease, if items that are deducted from your security deposit are disputed with the Housing Board, and sided with the owner/management, then we will file with small claims court for lost time/expenses. 
Do you understand?
Your lease states that you must have the carpets cleaned at the end of your lease term. Keep your receipt for proof of this service and notify us that it has been completed. 
Do you understand?

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