Need to sublet your room?
Great News! Many rental companies in Burlington do not allow subletting but we do!! See below for the 2 options to choose from. The sublet fees are for managements time advertising and showing the unit, processing the paperwork, etc, and it is required to be paid in full in advance of any application paperwork submitted for managements review and approval. 

FEE: $700.00 non-refundable (with tenant involvement) 
Tenant advertises and shows the unit. It's suggested that you advertise online (ie: Craigslist, Facebook, etc.) 

FEE: $1000.00 non-refundable (without tenant involvement) Management advertises and shows the unit.

The subletter must click on the application link of this website and complete the same 5 steps that tenant's are required to submit in order to apply, then email or fax the information to management. If the sublet's application is approved, they must then submit a security deposit equal to the tenants portion, via bank check, money order or cash. NO personal checks will be accepted. The subletter is required to carry rental insurance during their residency. Click on the rental insurance link of this website for details. The subletter and cosigner will be required to sign a copy of the lease. In addition the remaining roommates must email acceptance of the subletter. The original tenant and cosigner must understand that they are still on the lease while the subletter resides in the unit and that they are still legally liable for rent payments and damages. No more than 50% of a lease can sublet at one time. 

CURRENT TENANT: Notify us that you are interested in subletting by completing the form below. It is your responsibility to see this transaction all the way through with either option, not managements.  

**Please note that the tenant is still responsible for the rent until a sublet has been signed to the lease, even if the tenant has paid Management's sublet fee.**
Address/Unit #
Phone Number
Reason for Subletting
and Time Frame
Are you going to Sublet with Tenant involvement FEE $700
Are you going to Sublet without Tenant involvement FEE $1000

Do you completely understand this process? If not, call Stacy directly 802-324-2635.
You are responsible for any additional turnover costs in order to sublet. Cleaning/paint/repair damages. Do you understand?

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