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It is your group's responsibility to fill out the form below in regards to receiving your deposit transmittal and security deposit check refund.

 Each tenant will be issued a separate and equal check. 
Any deductions for damages or outstanding fees will be reflected.

Discuss with your roommates, as we send all checks to one location. 
The package is mailed by certified mail within 14 days of the end of your lease. 
Where do we mail your deposit transmittal and security deposit refund check(s)?
All roommates understand checks will go to this one location? 

70 S Winooski Ave - #283
Burlington, VT 05401
Real Estate Management
All keys must be left on the kitchen counter and the door should be locked. Laundry room keys should be left too, if applicable. If it's not possible to lock the door on your way out (deadbolt only), send an email ahead of time to make arrangements with management. 

Apartment must be completely cleaned including behind appliances, inside appliances, replace stove pans if damaged, windows cleaned, bathroom deep cleaned, kitchen deep cleaned, floors swept and mopped. 

Your lease requires that any carpets be professionally cleaned upon move out. You must leave the receipt on the counter upon final exit. We recommend Apex Carpet Cleaning for great rates/service.  802-878-1000

Is there anything known to be damaged inside the apartment. Tenant damage or maintenance required?

Smoke detectors must be in place. If any are missing or damaged, a replacement is required. Replacements must meet current fire codes. 

Window screens, tilt latches, storm windows, window panes must all be in place.