Terminate Lease 
If the Tenant acts in violation of the Lease Agreement, the Landlord shall be entitled to recover from the Tenant damages, costs, and expenses, including the fee equal to one month’s rent for advertising, re-renting the premises and managements time to advertise, return emails and phone calls, process paperwork, etc.  It is further understood that you will incur this fee even if you find a new tenant, or if you are breaking your lease for no cause.  If it is necessary for the Landlord to retain an attorney to secure the Landlord’s rights and remedies, the Landlord shall be entitled to recover from the Tenant’s reasonable attorney’s fees incurred.   Furthermore, said violation shall be grounds for termination of the lease and commencement of an action for removal.

It is further understood if early termination occurs the tenant shall always vacate the premises on the 24th of the rental period and be responsible for the rent until such time that the apartment is re-rented.

Please fill out the following information to notify us of your termination. Management will NOT begin the re-rental process until the fee is paid in full. The fee cannot be deducted from your security deposit. It is recommended that you assist in the showings/advertising in an effort to find a replacement, as you are responsible for the rent payments until an approved replacement can be secured, even if you have paid the fee to terminate. 
Address/Unit #
Phone Number
Reason for termination
and the date that you would like the termination to go into effect.
When does your current lease end? How many months remain?
How do you plan to assist with getting the word out, and are you available to help show the apartment?
Have you paid the termination/re-rental fee? Or, when do you plan to send it in? NOTE - Management will NOT start the process until the fee is received. 
Post on Facebook, Craigslist, tell friends, etc.

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