Cosigner Verification
Cosigner Name & Address:
Cosigner Phone Number:
Cosigner Email:
Name of person you are cosigning for:
Apartment address you are cosigning for:
You understand you are signing a Joint/Several lease
You accept responsibility for full on-time rental payments
You have read and accept the terms of our sample lease. Parking, Laundry, Utilities Included are property specific
You accept responsibility for damages to the apartment
You understand each tenant is required to maintain renters insurance

You understand our subletting process, if tenants desire the service
Click on the binder agreement icon, and agree to the policy. Once a binder is issued, we hold the unit, binders are non-refundable once issued.  
See the tenant registration on this website and agree to the helpful tips we have provided 
You completely understand all of the above information. If you have any questions, call JT directly at 802-999-4433 or Stacy at 802-324-2635. If no questions, choose Yes. 
Binder Agreement
Binder Agreement
You understand we require monthly EFT rent payments through 
You understand that you are required to set up your account 30 days prior to move in. Visit their website for full details and if you agree, choose Yes. Tenants pay all 3rd party fees.

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