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Please note: ALL tenant's are required to have a cosigner
Download our application and fill it out completely.
All applicants must have a cosigner.
Please make sure to include a copy of your most recent pay stub, bank account and/or loan statement, military documents or any other pertinent documents to prove your income and ability to pay the required annual rent. 
A credit check is required from both Tenant and Cosigner. Click on one of the the links, follow the steps and print out your credit report. If you have a report less than 90 days old, it may be used.
Color copies of both Tenants and Cosigner's Driver's License or Passport is required

 Fax #: 802-473-3149 

Frequently Asked Questions about requesting your credit
Incomplete applications will likely be rejected.    If you are approved for one of the units, the following is required:

1) Submit the binder, which is equal to one months rent, payable to the property owner. Binders are used to secure the unit and will become the security deposit once tenant's assume the rental. Binders are non-refundable once issued.  NO personal checks will be accepted. Cash, money order or bank checks only.

2) The lease is to be signed by all tenants and cosigners.  Management will email all parties the official lease when all necessary paperwork and the binder are received and approved.


1.Application approval is based on written information presented. Once applications are complete and approved, the Landlord will collect from the tenant(s) a contractual binder equal to one month’s rent, in order to take the premises off the market and hold it for the Tenant(s).

2.This Binder amount is non-refundable if Tenant(s) decide to not move into the premises.

3.Once Tenant(s) take possession of the premises, Landlord and Tenant(s) agree that the Binder amount shall be used as the security deposit listed under the lease agreement. 


Each tenant must provide a 300k Renter's Insurance Certificate stating Dan & Holly Trahan as Lessor with the property address on the certificate. The dates must match your check in/check out dates. Click on this link

Set up required account with Rent Track - EFT automatic payments

All tenants must register on our website. Click on this link to do so:

All utilities are to be switched into the new tenants name by the lease start date. Schedule this with the utility companies several weeks ahead to avoid disruptions. 

By the scheduled move-in day, all tenants must be approved with RentTrack and their 1st months rent is to be paid in full. No personal checks for rent are allowed on check-in day. 
Tenants and Cosigners should view a copy of our sample lease, and must agree to the terms and conditions BEFORE signing the lease.  Parking, laundry, included utilities are specific per property. We have a 1 student or non related person's per room policy. No room-sharing unless you are a couple and you share a bed. NOTE - DO NOT PRINT THE SAMPLE LEASE OR FILL IT OUT AND SEND IT IN, IT IS A SAMPLE COPY ONLY!! Your official lease will be exactly the same lease, only customized with your name(s), the apartment address, utilities, etc. Thank you!

Cosigner Verification Form: Cosigner must click on this link and fill out the form/submit.


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